#MeetTheHustle - Sam Batson

 "Please encourage our followers to respond to my player announcement with their favorite animal gifs. Thank you, love you."


What do you do outside of Ultimate? I spend most of my time outside of ultimate either playing with strange dogs or forgetting things in the microwave. I'm a student at UGA - Genetics, Avian Biology, Biology. I want to be a veterinarian or work in animal rehabilitation. Or be a firefighter. I work at UGA Veterinary Resource Lab and various large animal vet clinics

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed. Blue Like Jazz is one of those books you should dive into without knowing a thing about it. I didn't read a book for probably 4 years, picked that up and read it 3 times in a week. 

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? I started playing ultimate in 2011 at Brookwood for the ladies. Still playing the long con waiting for that to pan out.

What other sports did you play? I wrestle John Langstaff once a month in our front yard. I've never won once, but I think he's stopped letting me win and actually tries now - that's improvement baby. If I wasn't playing ultimate I probably would have stayed in the Ballroom Performance group at UGA. Waltzing and stuff. 

What player is your idol/mentor/inspiration and why? Sam Little. He's the Kanye West of ultimate, especially since I'm big fan of him pre-graduation. 

What is your role on the Hustle? Someone's gotta tie Sun's cleats - and I'm the Larry Bird of tying cleats

Who are your favorite athletes/teams? Abby Wambach is so clutch. She survives when the pressure is on.

Do you have a favorite bad joke? Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you do criticize them, you're a mile away and have their shoes. 

What would you choose as your "walk up" song?