#MeetTheHustle - Jason Crowe


What do you do outside of Ultimate? Steam turbine repairs engineer at General Electric

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed. Movies; Seven Samurai, A Fistfull of Dollars

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? College in 2006 at University of Toledo. I'm also a swimmer and triathlete. Ultimate is my best sport but I'd probably be a good long distance runner.

What player is your idol/mentor/inspiration and why? Lebron James, I grew up in Cleveland and have been engaged with his whole career. He is far beyond an amazing athlete, and gives back and is well spoken on a myriad of life topics (at least later career Lebron, lets give youthful Lebron some slack).

What is your superpower -most dangerous throw, cut, defensive skill? Covering pulls and relentlessly hounding handlers in the cup. 

What is your claim to fame? Playing and coaching in Ukraine was quite the experience, and the richness of their community and their passion for the sport that I was able to add to was terrific.

Who are your favorite athletes/teams? Cleveland Cavaliers. The only team in Cleveland not to have been terrible for the past 20 years. 

Do you have a favorite bad joke? A dyslexic man walks into a bra

What would you choose as your "walk up" song?  Funkadelic - Can you Get to That