#MeetTheHustle - Yusuf Abdullah


What do you do outside of Ultimate? I'm a full time student majoring in business at Oglethorpe University, and when I'm not studying or coaching Georgia State Ultimate I like to relax and listen to podcasts, play Xbox, or host frat parties. I work at Spin Ultimate in production. You're pretty likely,  if you're in the college ultimate scene,  to catch me working at the spin tent.  

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed. If I have some free time I'm likely to be playing Fifa 18

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? Well I started playing ultimate watching Disney Channel talk about the sport waaaaay back in the day. Then I got the opportunity to try it out a few years later at afdc league. I then started playing junior year in highschool at Parkview and then to ATLiens the next year and the rest is history. I played soccer for majority of my life, and dabbled in other sports like street hockey, tennis, volleyball and golf. The last sport I was really into playing was Basketball. Recently won back to back intramural championships at Ogle! I would say ultimate now is my best sport. I used to be a lot better at basketball but all the time I've committed to getting better at ultimate has been at the expense of my basketball skills. If I wasn't playing ultimate I think I would've tried out for Oglethorpe's team since I play with a couple of the guys on the team in pickup anyway.   

Who are your favorite athletes/teams? Michy Batshuayi!!! He's such an underrated futbol player who plays above what people expect of him and I admire that. He works hard but also plays hard, especially on Twitter. Mad respect for the young guy and easily my favorite player to use in Fifa. Kobe Bryant because his work ethic is insane and his competitive nature is unmatched. Pretty much the goat. Then I love futbol almost as much as ultimate. My two favorite teams are Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund. Chelsea because I've been a fan of them since Fernando Torres went there a couple of years back. Then Borussia Dortmund because they have Marco Reus, and even more importantly my main man, Michy Batshuayi. 

What is your superpower? I think I have a pretty decent mark. With the help of my teammates doing their jobs downfield, the sideline telling me whether the throw is inside or around, and the coaches strategy of what is more dangerous to take away. I think I can be pretty successful at not getting broken. It's not the same thing as getting a handbook but I think it's still important because it doesn't allow the other team to hit their most dangerous options. 

What would you choose as your "walk up" song?  Batman by Jaden Smith