#MeetTheHustle - Maddy Frey


What do you do outside of Ultimate? Run a business, coach GA Tech Wreck (2 teams this year!!), Volunteer Coordinator for Aluma Farm, Board Member for GA WAND, organize for AWU, Captain of Soul of Atlanta

I own a public health consulting business, working with hospitals, health foundations, and nonprofits all over the country to make sure services are reaching those most in need. #equity

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed I'm currently reading Living for the Revolution; Black Feminist Organizations 1968-1980. Allee Stargel and I have a cross-country book club! :)

If you had a walk out song what would it be? Kryptonite (Radio Edit) (feat. Big Boi)

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? My college soccer teammate, Jessi Witt, got me to come to a tournament and I loved it but didn't play again till a few years after college in Seattle. Started with the 2nd women's team, Viva, then played Riot for 5 years, Ozone for 2 years, Revolution for 6 (2012 - present), Scandal 2014, and Outbreak 2014 - present. 

What other sports did you play? 1) Soccer from the age of 6, varsity in HS starting my freshman year, captained my senior year. Then played through college (D-III), captaining beginning the end of my sophomore year. 2) Competitive gymnastics age 9-14, though Level 8 (pre-Olympic), 3) Skiing downhill and cross country, 4) Track, 5) Softball. 
Soccer is my best sport but because ultimate is relatively new, just being an athlete can take you pretty far.  If I could be paid to play any sport it would be mini. I love mini! 

Which ultimate players do you admire? There's too many! Aleja Torres, Miranda Knowles, Jenn Willson, Liz Duffy, Loriana Berman, Mo McCamley, Mira Walker, Opi Payne, Courtney Farrell, Anraya Palmer, Meredith Leahy, Julia Ting, Ashley Brown, Taylor Hartman, Dana Rose, Jenny Choi. They all just work so damn hard.

What pro teams or players do you follow?  The players throwing or making hockey assists or just grinding for every other to get their team in a position to score. They are the reason their team is winning but they rarely get the fame or glory. Also, the players who physically work themselves to the point of exhaustion for their team, every single game. My college soccer captain my freshman year - Katie Ott - is now a pro football player. After every game her hair would be plastered to her forehead with sweat and she would collapse on the bench, exhausted. US Women's National Soccer team also exemplifies this for me. Specifically, Abby Wambach, Julie Foudy, Michelle Akers, Briana Scurry, the list goes on. Carli Lloyd is so impressive but for different reasons, and I strive to be like her. She PERFORMS when it matters. Greatest ever World Cup Finals performance (men's or women's) with 3 goals in the first 16 minutes to beat Japan. One of them so unbelievable you have to see it for yourself:

She exemplifies my definition of COMPETE. Tennis players also really impress me with their ability to stay mentally focused and precise - Serena Williams, Martina Navratalova, and my all time favorite, BJK. All three of them facing intense scrutiny just for being black, being gay, or simply being a woman. And they didn't care, pushed through, and WON. #intersectionality

What is your your superpower -most dangerous throw, cut, defensive skill? Cutting deep and scoring goals

What is your claim to fame? Winning 2017 US Open with Colombia's Revolution and leading the tournament in goals scored.

Bonus: Phil Nielson (Smith soccer coach) taught me to have an opinion, to beat my defender 1:1 down the left flank rather than passing the ball, and to beat my own teammate whenever I possibly could because it only makes her (and thus, the team) better.