#MeetTheHustle - Christian Olsen


What do you do outside of Ultimate? Business Consulting, Cooking, Musical Production, Avid coffee drinker. I'm a strategic innovation and implementation consultant for life sciences and consumer products companies at a mid-size consulting firm called Clarkston Consulting. 

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed Book - Brunch is Hell

If you had a walk out song what would it be? Calvin Harris - Slide (Official Audio) ft. Frank Ocean, Migos

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? I started playing as a sophomore at Paideia HS because I wanted to be outside on a grass field and away from the basketball court for a few months. I also heard that Paideia was pretty decent place to learn Ultimate. 

What other sports did you play? I was very committed to basketball in HS. I was serious about the team and learning how to push myself past my limits

What athletes do you admire? Kobe Bryant. He taught me that to truly be passionate about something you have to fall in love with the process of getting better. Prime example: if you really love Frisbee you should love working out and throwing on a field by yourself when no one else is watching. Kevin Garnett (unrelenting passion & played for MN), Steve Kerr & coach K.

What is your role on the Hustle? Fearless leader, teacher, and continuation cutter.

What is your your superpower -most dangerous throw, cut, defensive skill? On field fashion game is strong. Looking casual.  

Do you have a favorite joke? Anything from Garrison Keillor's "plenty of pretty good joke's" show on Prairie Home Companion. I grew up in Minnesota..