I love ultimate and I want to spread the game as far as I can. With my background I think I can offer Atlanta youth a way of approaching the game that they may not find in other places.

I have tried to ingrain myself in the Hustle community and culture and, given my work with youth ultimate, this coaching opportunity is inline with what I want to be involved with.

The advantages of the Hustle camp is that we have more resources and organization than a lot of other camps and as the premier pro ultimate organization in the area it makes sense for us to be a leader elite youth training.

I'd like to see more ATL youth players find success on the national level. There have been plenty of great players who have made lots of national & worlds teams or invited to tryouts but we haven't won a YCC title in my time here.  I'd like to make our youth so good at ultimate that the southeast will get the love we deserve on the national stage. This advanced can become a pipeline for Atlanta's elite youth talent to rise to the next level.

Advanced High School Camp

"I envision this camp being an experience where we will actively encourage and teach campers to give their best commitment to improving themselves regardless of what others may think or say. So many learning environments are not actually set up to develop growth. They don't force kids to really put themselves on the line and improve. Improvement in ultimate is going to mean pushing yourself beyond what you thought your limits were and it's going to mean looking silly in front of your peers during some unfamiliar exercises. To do both those things participants need to feel safe from judgement and free to confront the most important person standing in the way of their development: themselves.

Sure, I want to teach campers some innovative new techniques and drills but the real value from this camp stems from having top-notch instructors teaching campers to do things the right way at a high level. It's not quite John Wooden spending an hour teaching players how to put on socks, but the idea is similar. You can look up 1,000 drills on YouTube, all of which are useful and some of which we'll use at the camp, but you can't replicate having an experienced and accomplished player watching players and holding them accountable to themselves. If you want a summer fun camp that will take your kids off your hands for a few hours, this isn't it. If you want a camp that's going to make your kid a better, tougher ultimate player at the expense of a lot of hard work: this is the best show in town.

Middle School Camp

I think the Hustle staff really embody some of the best characteristics in the ultimate community. We are accepting, innovative, hardworking, inclusive, and genuinely want campers of both genders to enjoy and spread the game of ultimate frisbee. This camp is meant to provide participants with a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of the ultimate while, most importantly, having them create a positive association with the game itself. I am part of the Hustle family and proudly look forward to welcoming campers into that community.


  • AFDC Executive Director
  • Clinic coaching experience at high school and middle school levels
  • Atlanta Hustle HOPS program director
  • USAU CDP Certified Instructor


  • Colby College, Maine, Captain
  • Lead team to DIII Nationals appearance


  • Atlanta Hustle 2015- Present, Captain in 2017 & 18
  • Rhode Island Rampage, Played in 1st AUDL Game.
  • 3x All-AUDL South and 2017 All-AUDL team.


  • Atlanta Chain Lightning 2017 & 18
  • Birmingham Ironmen, Captain
  • Darkwing
  • Molotov