As the head coach of the JV Girl's team at Paideia, I am always looking to expand my reach as a coach, and this camp provides the opportunity to reach players who are not at Paideia and who are not girls.

Coaching has always been important to me, I have taken every possible opportunity to coach starting in High School, and am now a coach at 3 summer camps, a high school program, and a Jr. High program.

Atlanta youth ultimate is where I grew up as an ultimate player, so this community is incredibly important to me, and I'm excited to have a role in shaping so many players that are now growing into this next generation of incredible ultimate players.

As a woman in ultimate, I am constantly navigating the relationship between the AUDL, individual pro ultimate franchises, and my status and worth in this community as an ultimate player. I am excited to coach at a Hustle camp because it gives me the opportunity to reach and coach many players who I may not have gotten the opportunity to reach before. I think the advantage of this Hustle camp is that it has the appeal to youth as professional ultimate, but instead of being excluded or on the sidelines, I now get to be involved in shaping the experience and coaching the players, which is incredibly important to me. I think that in Atlanta there is a huge focus on the professional ultimate league, which has excluded some of the best players in the city.

I feel like coaching at this Hustle camp is a way to be involved in something I care deeply about and have a role in building a more balanced and inclusive community as well as shaping ultimate players to be spirited, safe, and fundamentally sound. 


  • Head coach of the Paideia JV Girls, two years.
  • 2018 Spin Ultimate Academy head coach of the camp this year.
  • Spin Ultimate Academy coach in 2017  
  • National Ultimate Training Camp (NUTC) coach since the summer of 2012.
  • I started coaching in High School at the Paideia Ultimate summer camp 

High School:

  • Paideia Groove 2008-2011, captain 2010-2011. 
  •  YCC National Champion (mixed division) 2007.
  • U-20 Women's Junior National Team 2010, won bronze medal.
  • Invitee to World's Tryouts in 2016. 


  • Harvard Women's Ultimate (team name Quasar) 2011-2015, 3 year captain (fall 2012-spring 2015).
  • Freshman of the Year 2012
  • NE Women's Player of the Year 2014.
  • 2nd All-Region team 2013
  • 1st All-Region team 2014-2015. 


  • Atlanta Rival 2009
  • Atlanta Ozone 2010
  • Atlanta Bucket 2011-2012
  • Boston Slow White 2013-2015
  • Atlanta Ozone 2016-present. Co-Captain of Atlanta Ozone 2018.