Atlanta Hustle and Spin Ultimate Renew Partnership


Spin Ultimate immediately proved to be one of our strongest partnerships. Two local Atlanta ultimate businesses working together to help grow the sport and provide this community with quality apparel and quality competition.. We have a far reaching agreement that allows us to collaborate in a variety of areas.



Spin and Hustle have worked together on our Hustle Outreach Program Sponsorship (HOPS) to help provide local youth coaches with educational resources to grow their programs and to encourage their most talented and spirited players.  Spin has always been focused on youth development. They host a summer camp, the Spin Ultimate Academy, that Hustle will be helping out with.



Spin has also worked hard to design and produce all of our great fan gear.  They work with us to test out their newest products such as these full sub hoodies that launched in the winter. 

And, generally keep us looking fresh. Our players wear Spin hats as part of their uniforms and also get Spin reversible practice tanks and other gear as part of their kits. 

Spin sponsors the Spin Ultimate Play of the Game. This year we will be adding a game during quarter breaks as well, called "Spin to Win" that a fan from the crowd will be selected to participate in on the field.  

Spin is the title sponsor of the #HustleFutures exhibition game (Saturday March 25th 2017). They have been supportive of the idea of the event, which brings in the best college talent in the Southeast. They were also excited about this year's format changes that attempt to be more equitable to the women's division.