Ozone Preview III - 2017 Hustle Futures Game

This is our final preview of the Ozone roster. Buy your tickets now to come out and support these great athletes on March 25th at Grady Stadium. 

Link to Group 1

Link to Group 2

Meg Harris

Meg Harris is a playmaker. She maximizes her athleticism on offense and defense to make highlight reel catches and blocks. She is an alpha downfield cutter and top flight defender. She has a purple streak in her hair too. : ).  

Playing Experience:

  • College: Florida, 3 years, Emory, 1 year
    • SE 1st team All-Region
  • Club: SoRev, Atlanta Ozone, 2016 captain
  • Coach: Emory Luna

Paige Carver

Carver has a sudden first step that she uses as a weapon. She is an exceptional handler defender who plays some of the best dump defense technique you will ever see. She has a natural athletic position that is low to the ground that allows her to change directions faster than her opponent and she has a very good drop step.  She is a hard working cutter who will run you into the ground and is an effective scorer in the cramped confines of the redzone.

Playing experience:

  • College: GCSU, captain 
  • Club: Atlanta Bucket, Ozone
    • 2015 US Open Spirit award winner

Lane Siedor

Lane Siedor is a powerful initiation and deep cutter who is built for big play ultimate. She is typically at the receiving end of Ozone's big throwers - Wooten, Darch, Tsinajinnie - stretching opposing defenses.

Playing experience:

  • HS: Paideia, 5 years, YCC 2x
    • YCC Mixed gold medal
    • 2 World Jrs National teams - 2 bronze medals
  • College: UGA, captain 2 years
  • Club: Atlanta Ozone
  • Coach: YCC 2015

Leah Tsinajinnie

Leah Tsinajinnie is an attack minded defensive handler. She plays physical defense on handlers and is looking to strike early on a turn. She has "buttery" and powerful deep throws. She is left handed which allows her to break the mark well too. 

Playing experience:

  • College: GT Wreck, 2x captain
    • 3x 1st team All-Region 
  • Club: DC Scandal, Atlanta Ozone
    • 2x National champion with Scandal, 1x semis
  • Coach: Grayson HS Boys, WD Muhammad Girls, Wreck

Samantha Stovall

Sam Stovall is a veteran presence in the Ozone handler core. She covets a complimentary role to Ozone's bigger throwers, leveraging her ultimate IQ  and IO break flick to distribute the disc where the team needs it. Don't sleep on her though because she is a skilled thrower who will make you pay when there is an opportunity. 

Playing experience:

  • College: KSU men's team 1 year. Founder, captain of KSU's womens team
  • Club: Atlanta Ozone, SoRev, Rival, Shotgun
  • Coach: KSU women's 

Kristin Lloyd

Unfortunately we don't have any clips of Kristin (which highlights the problem!). She describes herself as a role player who molds her contributions to what the team needs at any given time. She is a versatile handler and cutter. 

Playing experience:

  • College: Florida State, captain
  • Club: Tabby Rosa, Ozone
  • Coach: FSU