Ozone Preview II - 2017 Hustle Futures Game

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Katherine Wooten

If you ain't from around here Katherine Wooten is an Atlanta legend. She's just still adding to her legacy. She is a primary o-line handler and strategic leader of any team she plays on, She has exceptional deep throws from either side. She breaks the mark well and has good field vision.  

"My weakness is that club women keep getting younger/faster/better/more athletic every year...  haha"

Experience includes:

  • College: UGA (2002-06); All-Region 3x
  • Club: Atlanta Ozone (2003-present)
  • Coach: YCC U18 Girls (2014); UGA Dawgma (2013-16)

"The honor of my career has been playing in and representing the Atlanta ultimate community for the last 15 years.

Haley Reese

Haley Reese is that person who is good at everything. She has as natural of a release as any player in Atlanta. She has picture perfect pulls and is a defensive force. She plays smart and physical coverage on top downfield cutters. She is a savvy D handler who's cool in crisis is critical to a young team. Her best skill maybe as a teammate though. It's also the one she is most proud of. 

Experience includes:

  • College: Founded and captained GCSU Lynx Rufus
  • Club: Atlanta Ozone
  • Coach:  GCSU Women, Grady Girls Varisty & JV, YCC U16 Boys

India Stubbs

India is an offensive handler. She has strong throws, finds space well, and tries to keep the offense moving as much as possible.

Check out this resume:

  • High School: Paideia Varsity Girls Team 2008-2011, YCC Mixed 2007 - Champions, YCC Girls - 2009
  • College: Harvard University, Captain 2013-  2015
    • NE D1 Women's Freshman Of The Year 2012
    • NE D1 Women's All Region 2nd team 2013
    • NE D1 Women's All Region 1st team 2014
    • NE D1 Women's Player of the Year 2014
    • NE D1 Women's All Region 1st team 2015
    • 2010 USA Juniors Team - Women's  
  • Club: Atlanta Rival, Atlanta Ozone, Atlanta Bucket 2011-12, Boston Slow White 2013-2015,
  • Coach: Paideia Girls JV Ultimate, National Ultimate Training Camp

Cate Woodhurst

Woodhurst is tall, long and athletic. She has a very high ceiling and is driven to reach it.. She has the physical tools to defend, cut or handle. She has an imposing mark that frustrates all manner of top throwers reliably generating blocks.. She is a smart handler too that reads coverage well and makes good choices distributing for the team.

"My weaknesses are both my left and right hip flexors."


  • College: GT Wreck, Captain 2013-15
    • 2nd Team All Region 2014, 1st Team All Region 2015,
  • Club: Tampa Bay Jolly Roger, Ozone, Nutria: Chicken of the Swamp
    • Kathy Pufahl Spirit of the Game Award nominee 2016
  • Coach: GT Tribe-B, YCC U19 Boys

Marissa Hicks

Hicks is a tough, hardworking cutter who makes a habit of reeling in hard catches. She sees space as its developing and times her cuts well, making her a reliable option for her handlers. "Weakness: making that mental decision to layout on D before it's too late (I'll get it one day though)" 


  • College: GCSU Lynx Rufus, captain 1 year
    • She doesn't do it for the awards - "I made some first or second team for Georgia while I was in college. No idea what it was called."
  • Club: Alloy, Mixtape (ATL), SoRev, Ozone
  • Coach: Grady

Evelina Pierce

Evelina is a physical, gritty player who willingly hits the ground. She joined ozone as a rookie in 2016. Her previous experience includes:

  • AFDC Summer league
  • College: Wesleyan University's Vicious Circle where she was a captain
  • Club: Veto (Washington, DC), Cahoots (Asheville, NC), & Ozone
  • Coach: UNCA Hellbenders, Grady Girls, Asheville Youth Ultimate director