Ozone Preview I - 2017 Hustle Futures Game

Mira Walker

Mira Walker is an elite defender. She uses exceptional speed and fitness to generate an eye popping number of blocks. The world learned that lesson in 2016 when she won a gold medal with team USA at WUGC. She uses her skill set on offense to gain huge chunks of yards downfield and rack up goals.  

Playing Experience:

  • College: One unofficial season with Emory Luna
  • Club: Atlanta Bucket, Atlanta Ozone
  • Coach: Grady, GSU

Emily Lloyd

Emily Lloyd gets things done. She makes the play her team needs in big moments. She primarily fills a role as an offensive cutter. She has sticky hands, excellent field sense and great cut timing. She attacks deep space on the field and makes smart quick decisions with the disc in her hands. She is also one of the driving forces behind the scenes for Ozone leadership.

Playing experience:

  • Lakeview Fort-Oglethorpe HS, 4 years. Mixed YCC
  • College: UGA, captain and All Region
  • Club: Atlanta Rival, Atlanta Ozone (captain)
  • Coach: Grady HS


Hannah Leathers

Hannah Leathers is one of the better known names from SE women's ultimate. She can do everything: cut, throw, handle, defend. She has a sick highlight reel from college and was captain of the 2015 All-Star Tour team.  She was also on the 2015 Ultiworld All Club Defense team.

Playing experience:

  • College: UGA, captain, Callahan finalist, SE player of the year 2x, Defensive POTY runner up in 2015
  • Club: Atlanta Bucket, Atlanta Ozone
  • Coach: Druid Hills HS open team, Catlanta 

Sophie Darch

Sophie will not be able to play in the Hustle Futures game but we wanted to recognize her as one of the organizers.  An offensive handler for Ozone, she was a Callahan finalist at Oregon. 

Anraya Palmer

Anraya Palmer is an attack minded handler. She is a strong defender who generates blocks for the Ozone defense. Her personality is a big contributor to Ozone's team culture and identity. 

Playing experience:

  • Heritage HS, 1 year
  • College: UGA, 3 years, GSU 1 year
  • Club: Atlanta Outbreak, Ozone
  • Coach: Paideia and Catlanta 

Allison Snow

Allison Snow has a strong will to win that gives her team an edge. She is a crafty and aggressive cutter who is fearless in big games. She has strong deep throws and cuts that make her a threat to finish any point. 

Playing experience:

  • College: UGA, captain
  • Club: Atlanta Ozone