Atlanta Ozone joins the Twenty17 #HustleFutures Game


Atlanta, GA - We've partnered with Atlanta Ozone to showcase the top women's club team in the Southeast. Bama Secs has expanded their Select team to include the top female college players in the region as well. 

"Our desire is to grow the sport of Ultimate. It is such a unique and accessible game that we want everyone to play. This year we expanded the Futures exhibition game to include the top female and male talent at the college and club level from Atlanta and the surrounding region. We hope the skill, athleticism, and camaraderie they showcase will make for life-long Ultimate fans." 

The 2017 Hustle Futures Format includes both men's and women's play, not mixed ultimate. Play will switch depending on the quarter and will be determined by a pre-game disc flip.  


Current Game Roster

Atlanta Ozone (@ozoneultimate)

Here are the players available to play in the game on March 25th. We'll be profiling them in three groups in future posts. 

  1. Mira Walker
  2. Emily Lloyd
  3. Hannah Leathers
  4. Sophie Darch
  5. Anraya Palmer
  6. Allison Snow
  7. Katherine Wooten
  8. Haley Reese
  9. India Stubbs
  10. Cate Woodhurst
  11. Marissa Hicks
  12. Evelina Pierce
  13. Meg Harris
  14. Paige Carver
  15. Lane Sieder
  16. Leah Tsinajinnie
  17. Samantha Stovall
  18. Kristin Lloyd

Bama Secs is currently announcing their Select team over twitter. We will post their full roster when it all of the names have been revealed. 

Special Thanks

We'd like to extend a special thanks to the All-Star Tour and Fulcrum media for their support of our project. The work of these two groups is immeasurable and indispensable. We would have next to no content to share of Atlanta Ozone without their work. It's a prime example of the issue at hand. We appreciate them freely sharing with us so we can share with you. 

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