Evan Boecking signs for 2017

2016 Teammate of the Year || Bama Secs Select

As a rookie Evan bolstered the Hustle handler core on offense and defense while playing with Auburn during their run to college nationals. He was so excited about playing for the Hustle left his college graduation early to drive to Atlanta to play in a game. 

Evan is a quick and shifty give-go handler that made our backfield more dynamic than it was in 2015. He makes aggressive dump cuts to get the disc moving forward into power position. His silky smooth backhand breaks enable the Hustle to attack on the breakside of the wider AUDL field. He used both to play a major role in both of our playoff games last season.

Evan made a huge impact on team culture last season too. He has a great sense of humor and is a supportive teammate. He sets the standard for how a player should act on the sideline. 

Evan is living in Auburn and helping to coach them this year. He has been a very willing and active participant in our outreach efforts such as our HOPS program.