Recap | Week 6 | Huge win over Raleigh

 Photo by Judy Stapleton

Photo by Judy Stapleton

Raleigh (4-1) and Atlanta (3-2) each entered this game coming off of a loss. Raleigh had lost to Dallas and Atlanta had lost in Jacksonville. The Hustle were without Kyle Stapleton and Christian Olsen and Raleigh was without Noah Saul.

A Hustle win evened the record of the teams at 4-2 but the head to head victory also gave Atlanta a temporary tie-breaker for the 2nd spot in the South. With 3 teams making the playoffs this year the #2 seed would host the first round playoff game, an important edge when the games mean the most. Atlanta goes to Raleigh on June 4th. A win there would secure the tiebreaker with the Flyers. Should the Hustle lose in Raleigh but still finish with the same record as the Flyers then the second tiebreaker is point differential for the whole season. The Hustle currently hold an 8 goal lead in that category.

Full game recorded live with Kyle Stapleton and Tucker Warner on the call.

After a lively guitar rendition of the National Anthem Atlanta was on defense to start. The teams traded blows for 7 points before Raleigh drew first blood breaking the Hustle offense to go up 5-3.

The Hustle responded immediately with a hold and break of their own, putting the game back on serve. The quarter would end on serve 7-6, Raleigh up. 

The Hustle came out of the break with a hold and another break to take their first lead 8-7. It was short lived as the Flyers punched in a hold and answered with two breaks of their own, 10-8 Raleigh.

The Atlanta offense got back on track and three points later the defense struck with back to back breaks. The second break included a time out to sub the offensive unit back in for the conversion. The score was now 12-11 Atlanta on top.

Both offenses handled business up to halftime going into the locker room tied at 14s. During halftime the Hustle honored some of the MVPs and Spirit Award winners from the HOPS program

The third quarter was more back and forth. Raleigh received and the teams alternated between tied and Raleigh ahead by one. The Hustle defense broke the pattern to take the lead at 17-16. 

Raleigh would tie it 3 times before their defense got a break of their own, 20-19 Flyers. The quarter would end at 21-20, Raleigh up, but Atlanta receiving to start the final quarter. 

The Hustle offense scored to tie it, Raleigh answered, and the Hustle scored once more to lock the teams at 22-22. On the fourth point of the fourth quarter the Hustle defense got a vital turnover and Atlanta used their 1st timeout to sub in the O-line. They delivered the go-ahead goal, 23-22 Atlanta. 

Raleigh tied it on the next point and the Hustle kept them at bay with another hold. The Hustle defense got a turn on their next chance but could not convert the break. Raleigh would give it back to them on the same point and Atlanta took a timeout. The offensive unit came in looking to deliver the knockout blow but instead turned it themselves. They would get the disc back yet again and score on their second opportunity to push the lead to 2 goals, 25-23. That was the last goal either team would score before time expired. The Hustle left the field winners after a slugfest with a very good Raleigh Flyers squad. 



  • Hustle defense with 7 breaks on 14 chances
  • Hustle offense with 18 goals on 25 chances
  • Dylan Tunnell sets a personal and Hustle record with 10A. He had 52 completions and just a single throwaway. He added two goals to his stellar performance.
  • Matt Smith scored 6 times, had 2 assists, and 1 block. 
  • Sam Gainer 4A 3G
  • Nathan Vickroy had 4 blocks, 2G and 1A
  • Allan Laviolette had the Spin Play of the game