RECAP | Week 7 | Sudden Death Loss to Austin

The Hustle fall for the second time in OT this season. In a dramatic back and forth contest, filled with too many exciting points, the Austin Sol and Atlanta Hustle finished regulation and overtime tied. The Hustle received the disc for a sudden death whoever-scores-wins point. We were unable to score, even when the defense got us a second chance. The Hustle fall to 4-3 feeling like they should be 6-1. 

Full Game Video

You can watch the game in it's entirety here with Blake Hannah and Tucker Warner on the call. Or, skip ahead to time stamp 1:52:45 where the teams are tied at 17s in the 4th quarter to watch the wild conclusion.

The game opened with a significant wind from screen right to left. The Hustle started on offense downwind.

First Quarter

The first point saw 4 possession changes as the two teams got a feel for the wind. After a Hustle hold the Sol also needed a second chance in the wind to score. The Hustle offense overshoots an away cut downwind and the Sol convert an upwind break. Atlanta would turn it over two more times on the next point giving the Sol a short field on the second, leading to back-to-back Sol breaks. 3-1 Austin. Coach Swanson made substitutions to the offense on the next point and they are able to score to get the defense back on the field.

Austin and Atlanta trade a pair of offensive points, 4-3 Austin. The Hustle defense gets 4 chances for a break on the next point thanks to a stall, two throws out of bounds, and a block but they cannot work the disc upwind. 5-3 Austin.

The Hustle again overshoot an away pass downwind giving Austin the disc with 30s left in the quarter. They call timeout to sub in their offense. After Austin overshoots their own early deep look the Hustle got the disc back with 70 yds to go in 25s. Tree Goforth delivers a cross field hammer to Nathan Vickroy to bring the Hustle within 1, 5-4 Austin to end the quarter.

Second Quarter

Hustle pulling downwind to start the 2nd quarter. Austin overshoots a receiver and the Hustle scoop it up and work it down for their first break of the game.  We are tied at 5s. The Sol offense works their next possession to the goalline before a miscue on what should have been an automatic score. The Hustle D quickly gives it back to them and Austin does not miss their second chance. 6-5 Austin

The Hustle offense patiently works the disc up the field finding Evan Boecking in the redzone where he sends a smooth low release backhand break in for the score to Max Leonard.  Tied at 6s

Austin overshoots a huck giving the Hustle the disc and a full field to go for the break. Atlanta overshoots a receiver and Sun Choi gives everything but cannot save it. Kelvin Williams comes through with a run-through block two passes later and Atlanta is able to score quickly in transition for their second break and 1st lead of the game 7-6.

Feeling some momentum the Hustle defense forces another turn with good marking and solid dump defense. Coach Swanson calls a timeout to put in his offense hoping they can convert the break and seize control of this back and forth 1st half. Austin plays good D out of the timeout but Atlanta maintains possession through a foul. They are able to score from the goalline to make it 8-6 ATL.

The Austin offense, reeling, drops a simple pass on the next point. Tree Goforth, who has been literally and figuratively huge for the Hustle this season, picks up the disc in front of his own bench and launches a pretty IO flick huck cross field to Nathan Vickroy, again. 9-6 ATL.

Austin, still looking on edge, throws another disc away over the big mark of David Berendes. Three consecutive picks and a Hustle drop later and the Austin offense gets the disc in excellent field position. They score the hold from there to end the 4 pt Hustle run, 9-7 ATL.

The Hustle offense gets a good deep opportunity but it hangs in the air just enough to not connect. ATX looks to have scored a break immediately in transition on their own huck but it is called back because their coach had called for a timeout. Both teams made full line substitutions, but Austin's offense throws away their very first pass. Austin gets a catch block in the Hustle goal to save a score but gives it back quickly on a thrower travel. Austin then gets a layout block in the goal to save another Hustle opportunity. Tree Goforth gets a handblock on the goalline to get it back yet again. This time Runner dishes to a squirrelly Evan Boecking for the exaggerated offensive hold 10-7 ATL. 

With time running short in the quarter Ben Breault goes big for a layout block.  Coach Swanson calls our final TO with 23s left to put in the offense. We get a good look for the score but can't pull it in. The quarter comes to an end with Atlanta outscoring Austin 6-2.

Halftime 10-7. 

Third Quarter

Out of the locker room the ATL O puts it in on the 1st try.

Our D gets two break chances on the next point but comes up empty. The Hustle offense executes well with another 1 possession score punctuated by a Mark Poole spin move. The D gets another chance thanks to poor Austin execution but again cannot convert the break, 12-9 Atlanta as the teams trade points.

The Hustle, seeming in control at the time, float a swing pass in the wind that Austin corrals and punches in for a quick break. 12-10 ATL. After receiving the pull and centering the Hustle turfs a disc only to have Austin throw it right back to them. Moving it up near midfield Sam Gainer takes a shot but his receiver is not on the same page so the disc falls incomplete. Kyle Stapleton gets it back with this monster bid.

Atlanta doesn't capitalized on it though, overshooting Matt Smith. ATX calls a timeout. They use an upline cut and a tightly thrown pass to get the disc in power position where they boost it deep in traffic. Michael Mathis makes a big play in the air for a consecutive ATX break making it a 1 point game, 12-11 ATL

The Hustle get back on track, barely, thanks to this diving goal by Max Leonard.

Both teams trade to end the quarter at 14-12, Atlanta. The Hustle D had a chance for a break on every point that quarter but didn't get any.

Fourth Quarter

Austin with a 1 possession hold with this huck.

Austin gets a break off of good downfield coverage forcing a high stall count throw. That ties the game at 14s.

Coach Swanson puts some fresh legs in on offense. Nathan Vickroy can't pull in a Boecking huck but Austin gives it right back with an errant throw. Boecking shoots again in transition, this time to JP Burns, who pulls it down on the doorstep and swings it cross field for the easy score.

The Hustle D covers the pull with some energy looking for a break that would stretch the lead back to 2. Tree Goforth seems to have another hand block but uses Integrity to call a foul on himself. Austin takes a shot deep but Dylan Tunnell is lurking deep. He makes two great plays to prevent the score.

Atlanta can't complete a swing pass deep in their own territory which leads to a deflating Austin hold. Tied at 15s

The Sol generate a turn with this footblock but Steven Hicks gets a block of his own to get it back for the offense. A drop leads to another short field break for Austin, 16-15 Sol, a 3 pt run.

The two offenses would combine for 3 one possession scores. Here Tunnell ties it by finding Anders Olsen on a pull play.


Here Stapleton breaks the mark to Gainer who finds Anders again for another big play. Matt Smith injures his ankle on the score but would return to play later. 17-17

The Austin offense can't keep a huck in bounds and Robert Runner counterattacks to JP Burns immediately. Coach Swanson burns a timeout to sub in his offense in the redzone. Trenton Spinks burns past his defender and a short poach to the front cone for the break, 18-17 ATL. 

The Hustle defense, again searching for a game changing break, forces a stall through great coverage. A misconduct foul puts the disc on the goalline. Robert Runner doesn't like the look and calls timeout. Austin's defense covers well and forces a throw into a poach.  Looking to strike with all of the Atlanta line behind the disc, Austin sends up a deep pass.  Max Leonard rises up for the block. Atlanta swings quickly to Mark Poole who takes advantage of no mark to send a backhand downfield to Dylan Tunnell for the goal. 19-17 ATL with under 2 min left.

The Sol offense dials up a quick score to bring it within 1. Their defense then smothers a possession minded Atlanta attack, leading to a block. The Sol calls timeout with 40s left, 30 yards from a game tying goal. 

Austin breaks the Hustle mark and walks it up the break side for the tie. 19 all. 26s left.

Atlanta does not generate a good buzzer beater look in the time they have left and we go to overtime.


Atlanta wins the flip and elects to take side based on the wind.

The Hustle started on D and looked to have a Vickroy block on a disc pushed up in the air by the wind but a difficult foul call involving an Austin injury maintains Austin possession.  Austin holds for the lead, 20-19

The Hustle offense receives and takes an ill advised deep shot to Matt Smith that does not connect. They are able to work the disc into a short field before stalling. Austin's staff burns their only timeout of OT to put in a stronger O line who jams it in for a 2 pt lead.

Atlanta now has 2:28 to get a hold and a break to tie the game.

Looking to score quickly Atlanta hucks past Matt Smith but possession is saved by a foul call away from the disc. On their second chance Sam Gainer puts it to Matt Smith for the score.

The offense does their part but it will take a break by the defense to win this game.

The Sol offense puts in a gutsy score putting the Hustle offense back out with 42s. Atlanta again needing a quick score and break just to tie.

The Hustle offense is up to the task scoring in 20 seconds.

The Sol only need to maintain possession by completing at least 3 passes to leave Atlanta with a win.

Here's where things get exciting...

The Hustle D rolls the pull out of bounds and sets a double team trap with Taylor Goforth and Kelvin Williams. Tree deflects the pass but it is still completed. Atlanta puts the double team back on and miraculously Tree gets another hand block, this time it is a turnover.

JP Burns picks up the disc quickly knowing time is short and sends it cross field to Tree who is streaking into the goal. Austin's own big man, Ethan Pollack, gets in front of the pass for the interception.

With only 8 seconds left Austin needs to only complete a single pass to win. Atlanta goes back to its double team and it works again forcing a stall.

The Hustle call a timeout to put in their offense in the redzone with 7 seconds to tie the game.

Trenton Spinks, again, flat wins his match up to the open side cone for the goal!

Austin has a chance for a buzzer beater but Kelvin Williams swats its away from the pile over Austin's bigs.

Sudden Death

Atlanta, who started on D in OT, received the disc. This would be an untimed point. Whoever scored would win the game. Watch for yourself.

Atlanta had two chances to win but are broken for the 9th time giving Austin the huge win.

First Atlanta could not connect on a pass behind their receiver. Then, Austin would call timeout to sub in their offense. After several lateral passes Austin would take a chance to an open receiver in the goal but the disc sails out of bounds giving Atlanta new hope.

Looking to go 80 yards, Atlanta calls their timeout to sub back in their offensive line. Struggling to get open downfield, a pick call pins the Hustle inside their own goal. A pass interference foul on the Sol gives the yardage back to Atlanta. Trenton Spinks, involved in the play, takes an injury substitution. Nathan Vickroy takes his place. He throws a pass before the ref whistles the play live costing Atlanta 10 yards again.

Vickroy dumps to Stapleton who sends it to Max Leonard thinking his defender is face guarding but Rory Orloff gets the poach D instead. Austin dishes quickly for the game winner.

A heartbreaker. A classic. Good game Austin.

Come see the Hustle play their next home game vs the #1 Dallas Roughnecks on Saturday May 28th at 7pm. 


  • Dylan Tunnell 5A - 2G
  • Matt Smith 2A - 4G - 2B
  • Ander Olsen 4G -1B
  • Taylor Goforth 2A - 1G -2B
  • Kelvin Williams  2B