Week 2 Preview - Charlotte Express

 Photo by Christina Schmidt

Photo by Christina Schmidt

Names to Know

Charlotte Roster 

Charlie Muniz 39A (1st) – 23G(3rd) - 9B

Micah Hood 37A(2nd) – 20G(5th) – 10B(4th)        

Evan Lepler listed Micah Hood as one of his 50 candidates to win the AUDL MVP this season

"Micah Hood — Charlotte Express
When I watched Charlotte compete last season, Hood looked like the heart and soul of the squad. Although his offensive skills are solid, it’s the defense that you notice most. He plays with a chip on his shoulder, which helps to set the tone for the Express. It’s a roster of players who, for one reason or another, have been largely overlooked. Hood has held his own with the best in the world, and like Radcliffe in Nashville, he will be a big reason why Charlotte exceeds expectations if the Express can, in fact, pull off upsets in 2016."

Jeff Nordgren 11A – 20G – 16B

Shane Sisco 7A – 16G

Kyle Silva 26G – 10B

Madison Gardner 4A – 7G - 19B

Ken Porter – Battled Injuries all of last year.

Matt Bode – Played with Jacksonville last season.

New Additions 

In general, the Express's new additions in 2016 have made them more athletic. 

Video of the Express


Key Departure

Sam Fontaine 18A - 33G(1st)

Week 1 vs Raleigh

The Express got their 1st taste of the ESPN3 spotlight in Week 1 in Raleigh. 

Re-watch it here

In the words of Evan Lepler who is the lead announcer for the AUDL's ESPN3 coverage and author of the Tuesday Toss.

“The biggest story from the game was probably Charlotte’s gutsy comeback, which transformed a 16-9 deficit early in the second half into an 18-17 nailbiter midway through the fourth.”

“Like the NightWatch, the Express offered glimpses of greatness, playing with tremendous energy during their second-half surge.”

Week 1 stats

  • Micah Hood – 5A - 1B
  • Muniz – 1A – 1G -2B
  • Bode – 3A
  • Sisco – 2A – 5G
  • Nordgren – 3G – 3B
  • Howey – 3
  • Fairfax, Gardner, Polk 3 Blocks

Brothers potentially square off

Atlanta has the Olsen brothers and the Haskell brothers. Both pairs get to play together, but for Nathan Vickroy he may get the chance to match up against his older brother Alex who named to the Express this year.