Recap | Wk2 | Hustle over Express

Good teams win games. I think John Madden said that. Sometimes it's not pretty but the most important stat is the W. Atlanta sits at 2-0 and winning is becoming a habit. 

This week the Hustle relocated for one game up at Atlanta Silverbacks Park in Northeast Atlanta. The conditions were not ideal. There was variable wind but thankfully not nearly as bad as was forecasted. The sun sets directly over the visiting stands making visibility a factor in that direction. 

First Half

The Hustle defense started the game with a break on the first point, continuing a 5 break streak that ended game 1 vs Nashville. The offenses traded a few points including an Atlanta hold after this Elliott Erickson block in which Charlotte's Taylor Minch invoked the Integrity Rule to overturn a foul call.

Game play was slower than usual. The Hustle held off the Express 4-4 in the 1st quarter but the 2nd quarter only saw 5 combined goals leaving the score at 7-6 going into the locker room at halftime.  

Despite the low score there were still some nice plays. 

Elliott Erickson with the Spin Ultimate Play of the Game

 photo by Judy Stapleton

photo by Judy Stapleton

Nathan Vickroy with a nice catch over Micah Hood

Max Leonard with a handblock to get the disc back for the O line

Robert Runner tracking down this huck for a block

Kyle Stapleton with a Callahan. That's Callahans in back to back weeks for the Hustle O line. 

Second Half

The second half was a tale of two quarters. In the 3rd quarter the Hustle defense were the heroes, collecting four more breaks. In the 4th quarter the Express returned the favor. The Hustle defense were able to put up one more in the fourth bringing their game total to 7.  That break proved critical for Atlanta to hold their lead over a tenacious Charlotte squad.

Allan Laviolette was huge for the D with 4 assists. Sean Sears was on the receiving end of 3 breaks. Nathan Vickroy made big plays all night. Robert Bradham, JP Burns, Taylor Goforth and Robert Runner were big contributors as well.

Vickroy elevates again 

Allan Laviolette hammer to Sean Sears

Kyles Stapleton hammer to a streaking unmarked Trenton Spinks

Allan Laviolette with a quick counterattack puts it up for Taylor Goforth

Stats (link)

  • Allan Laviolette - 4A
  • Sean Sears - 3G - 1 Blk 
  • Robert Runner - 1A - 1G - 1B
  • Mark Poole - 3A
  • Nathan Vickroy - 2A
  • Christian Olsen - 2A - 1B
  • Sam Gainer - 1A - 2G - 1B
  • Elliott Erickson - 3G - 1B
  • Robert Bradham - 2G
  • Trenton Spink - 2G
  • JP Burns - 1A - 1B
  • Kyle Stapleton - 1A - 1G - 1B - 30 completions