#FanSpotlight - Anraya Palmer

This article is part of our 2016 series #FanSpotlight in which we get to know some of the Hustle's exceptional fans.

 Anraya Palmer (2nd from left) showing off her Hustle gameface

Anraya Palmer (2nd from left) showing off her Hustle gameface

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Tell us about you - Do you play ultimate? What do you do for work?    

I currently play for Atlanta Ozone but previously played on Outbreak. I am a third grade paraprofessional at Thomasville Heights Elementary School. I also coach at The Paideia School. 

Why do you go to Hustle games?  

I attend Hustle games because I enjoy watching ultimate and I have friends on the team who I support  

What types of Hustle tickets have your purchased in the past? 

I have gotten season tickets the past two years!

Who do you typically go with or sit with?  

I usually go/sit with friends/teammates. 

What are your pre game plans on game days?  

It depends, sometimes we grab dinner before games or hangout with my fellow Atlanta Hecklers! 

Do you have any favorite moments from a Hustle game you attended?

Some games that came down to the last few seconds. Having to play to time definitely makes the game more exciting.  

Do you have any stories from the crowd at a Hustle game?  

I am a member of the Atlanta Heckle! It's fun bringing posters to the game and being loud. I've also been to a  tailgate hosted by some Paideia parents. That was fun because it brought more of the high school girls out to the game. It created a fun pregame atmosphere as well! 

What are your favorite parts of the gameday experience?    

Being able to watch high level ultimate in my backyard. Hanging out with friends. Supporting my friends that are on the field as well!

What are your typical post game plans?  

Post game plans typically involve dinner. Sometimes going out afterwards in the highlands. 

How has the Hustle affected women's ultimate in Atlanta?  

I think the Hustle has had a positive effect on women's ultimate and youth ultimate in Atlanta. The Hustle organization and several Hustle players are very supportive of increasing the equality of women in ultimate. Having Miranda Knowles on staff was huge as well. I know a ton of girls would show up to games just for that reason alone. The Hustle also does a great job of hosting clinics for the youth in Atlanta. The Hustle has provided great visibility for the sport and more people are able to watch it!  Their community service is also great as well.