#Fanspotlight - Barry Arnson

This article is part of our 2016 series #FanSpotlight in which we get to know some of the Hustle's exceptional fans.


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Tell us about you  What do you do?

I played Ultimate back in college (many years ago) but most recently I have been playing disc golf.  I have been playing disc golf for over ten years now and it is a blast.  For a living I am a manager for a downtown parking garage.

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Why do you go to Hustle games?

I go to Hustle games because they are exciting and feature fast-paced action. Plus the games themselves only last a couple hours so it is great if you have a toddler with a low attention span like myself.  

What types of Hustle tickets have your purchased in the past? 

The inaugural year of the Hustle I purchased individual tickets.  I ended up purchasing enough individual tickets the first year that it made more sense to purchase season ticket. Plus the season tickets included parking which was great.  

The second year I got my season tickets and will probably be a season ticket holder for many years to come.

Who do you typically go with or sit with?

I sit with my family and I try to invite a few friends along that many have never seen a game before.  If I see old college friends I may sit with them as well.  

What are your pre game plans on game days?

Pre game plans with a toddler tend to be flexible.  However in the past it has ranged from just grabbing some fast food on the way to hanging out for an hour before the game drinking beers in the parking lot.  

Do you have any favorite moments from a Hustle game you attended? 

This past season we witnessed a few heartbreaking losses during overtime.  However the July 10th game versus the Jacksonville Cannons was probably my favorite so far.  The game was at Lakewood stadium so we got there early and tailgated in the parking lot beforehand.  I invited a bunch of my disc golf friends (many who had never see Ultimate before) to the game. This game had playoff implications so a win here meant we were in the playoffs.  It was hard fought game and the Hustle pulled out the W.  It was a great game to see and I few of my friends said they had a great time.

Do you have any stories from the crowd at a Hustle game? 

I can tell you that everyone in the stadium is part of the game.  And some of the heckles are pretty funny.  

What are your favorite parts of the gameday experience?

Just watching my daughter's eyes light up when I tell her we are going to the Hustle game. She always has a blast.