#MeetTheHustle - Yusuf Abdullah


What do you do outside of Ultimate? I'm a full time student majoring in business at Oglethorpe University, and when I'm not studying or coaching Georgia State Ultimate I like to relax and listen to podcasts, play Xbox, or host frat parties. I work at Spin Ultimate in production. You're pretty likely,  if you're in the college ultimate scene,  to catch me working at the spin tent.  

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed. If I have some free time I'm likely to be playing Fifa 18

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? Well I started playing ultimate watching Disney Channel talk about the sport waaaaay back in the day. Then I got the opportunity to try it out a few years later at afdc league. I then started playing junior year in highschool at Parkview and then to ATLiens the next year and the rest is history. I played soccer for majority of my life, and dabbled in other sports like street hockey, tennis, volleyball and golf. The last sport I was really into playing was Basketball. Recently won back to back intramural championships at Ogle! I would say ultimate now is my best sport. I used to be a lot better at basketball but all the time I've committed to getting better at ultimate has been at the expense of my basketball skills. If I wasn't playing ultimate I think I would've tried out for Oglethorpe's team since I play with a couple of the guys on the team in pickup anyway.   

Who are your favorite athletes/teams? Michy Batshuayi!!! He's such an underrated futbol player who plays above what people expect of him and I admire that. He works hard but also plays hard, especially on Twitter. Mad respect for the young guy and easily my favorite player to use in Fifa. Kobe Bryant because his work ethic is insane and his competitive nature is unmatched. Pretty much the goat. Then I love futbol almost as much as ultimate. My two favorite teams are Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund. Chelsea because I've been a fan of them since Fernando Torres went there a couple of years back. Then Borussia Dortmund because they have Marco Reus, and even more importantly my main man, Michy Batshuayi. 

What is your superpower? I think I have a pretty decent mark. With the help of my teammates doing their jobs downfield, the sideline telling me whether the throw is inside or around, and the coaches strategy of what is more dangerous to take away. I think I can be pretty successful at not getting broken. It's not the same thing as getting a handbook but I think it's still important because it doesn't allow the other team to hit their most dangerous options. 

What would you choose as your "walk up" song?  Batman by Jaden Smith

#MeetTheHustle - Tyler French


What do you do outside of Ultimate? I do a lot of homework, work part time, and sleep very little. I go to Georgia Tech and study Electrical Engineering with a minor in Applied Physics. I hope to work in quantum computing. I will be working at Georgia Tech Research Institute in the Sensors and Elecromagnetics Applications Lab

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed. The Martian - Andy Weir

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? Used to throw with my parents as a kid. I started playing at Carolina Friends Middle School in 6th Grade. In high school I played for East Chapel Hill and for Triforce.  I ran cross country for the first half of high school and played rec basketball.

What player is your idol/mentor/inspiration and why? Jon Nethercutt because he likes corn, and can throw cool throws

What is your superpower? Spinning a disc on my finger and fixing everyones iPhone screen

What would you choose as your "walk up" song? J. Cole - No Role Modelz.  NC represent

#MeetTheHustle - Mason Cary


What do you do outside of Ultimate? I play Hearthstone competitively for UGA. I'm also the Communications Director for AFDC Juniors. I'm a 3rd year at UGA studying Management Information Systems (MIS). Not really sure what I want to do yet but something involving consulting or systems development probably. 

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed. I really enjoyed the show Mindhunter. I'm a fan of crime thrillers in general, and the acting and plot in this one is excellent. 

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? I learned about ultimate by going to Paideia Summer Camp going into 8th grade. I really only went to the camp because my friend Stan was going, and I had no idea I would fall in love with the sport. I went to Paideia for HS and played on both the JV and Varsity teams for 4 years, and also played on ATLiens (YCC) the summer going into college. I currently play for Jojah at UGA. I played for Cerberus (Athens club team) the past two summers. I was GA All-State my senior year in HS and on the Southeast Men's All-Freshman team in 2016.

What other sports did you play? The only other sport I've played was Cross Country for 1 year in high school, and I stopped when I realized I was having more fun throwing on the sidelines at meets than actually running.  Ultimate is absolutely my best sport. I probably wouldn't be playing a competitive sport if it wasn't for ultimate. 

What player is your idol/mentor/inspiration and why? Sam Little's work ethic and poise as a leader on and off the field always impressed me when I played with him my freshman year on Jojah. He was the hardest worker on our team and had unflinching mental toughness whenever our team was faced with adversity. Also his around backhand is pretty sweet. 

What is your your superpower -most dangerous throw, cut, defensive skill? Consistent hard clearing - this is a critical skill for any elite offense. 

What is your claim to fame? I scored all of the O-line's points against Emory at Sectionals my freshman year.

Who are your favorite athletes/teams? Atlanta Falcons for team favorite team, and my favorite player would be Julio Jones. He's an insane athlete and one of the best receivers to play the game, and is still amazingly humble about his accomplishments. 

What would you choose as your "walk up" song? The man - Aloe Blacc

#MeetTheHustle - Hunter Cutts


What do you do outside of ultimate? I'm teaching myself to photosynthesize. So far I haven't made the big breakthrough but I think I'm getting pretty close. Also I've been experimenting with some electrode shock therapy to change my favorite color to purple.....4th Year Ecology Undergrad at UGA; Aspiring beekeeper. "If you love what you do then you never work a day in your life." But yeah, I'm currently unemployed.

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed. I recently got my hands on a copy of "Where's Waldo" written in braille. Really exhilarating stuff. 

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? I was headhunted by Jojah ultimate and stolen from the Ballroom dance group at UGA in 2016. I am entering my 3rd Spring Ultimate season

What other sports did you play? My childhood up through high school was spent playing baseball, but a "serious" athlete? mm no I wouldn't consider myself to be a serious anything. I'm rediscovering my affinity for badminton recently, but I'd have to say that ultimate is firmly number 1 in my heart. 

What player is your idol/mentor/inspiration and why? Someday I want to be able to throw turnovers in as many ways as Parker Bray. But seriously, he's been a great guy to learn from during the last couple years on Jojah. Also I'll throw a shout out to George Summers for his influence and leadership in my fledgling days as an ultimate player. 

What is your your superpower -most dangerous throw, cut, defensive skill? I am a true believer in Matt Knowles' leg swinging butt first approach to dumping and resetting the disc but my passion is D Line. I love getting blocks and that's what I'm here to do.  

What is your claim to fame? Racking up hockey assists by getting the disc to Parker Bray in power position

Who are your favorite athletes/teams? Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves. Keep it close to home. As for my favorite athletes, I appreciate all athletes on an individual level but I only wear one jersey and it's my own.  

What would you choose as your "walk up" song? 

Do you have a favorite bad joke? One guy walked into a bar. The next guy ducked.

#MeetTheHustle - Will Lindquist

How/why did you start playing ultimate? I started playing competitive Ultimate my sophomore year of college.


What other sports did you play? I grew up playing soccer, basketball, and football. In high school I just stuck with basketball and soccer (East Coweta High School). Ultimate is probably my best sport, but if I wasn't playing I would likely have continued to play soccer

What player is your idol/mentor/inspiration and why? I got taken under the wing of a lot of the veteran players my first year playing for Kennesaw (Charles Loudermilk, Mike McGinnis, Hunter Neilson) who helped me understand the game from different perspectives. 

What is your claim to fame? Since I've only played 1.5 seasons of ultimate I'd say winning our first spring tournament for Kennesaw this year was huge for our program going forward and hopefully a sign of good things to come.

Who are your favorite athletes/teams? I grew up idolizing Steve Nash for his court vision and his willingness to share the basketball while still maintaining his all-star status. My favorite team is the San Antonio Spurs because they epitomize what team basketball should be; humility, teamwork, and effort.

What do you do outside of ultimate? I am in my junior year studying mechanical engineering at Kennesaw State University and work as an intern in the continuous improvement department at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed. I love binge watching sitcoms. Some of my favorites are That 70s Show, Parks and Recreation, and The Big Bang Theory. 

What would you choose as your "walk up" song? 

#MeetTheHustle Taylor Minch


What do you do outside of ultimate? I work for an environmental services company. As an environmental specialist I manage, assist in the proper disposal of hazardous waste.

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed Game of Thrones is tight


What would you choose as your "walk up" song?

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? I was dragged out to a practice my sophomore year of college at GCSU. Showed up with a lefty backhand and a righty flick. Was hooked ever since!

What other sports did you play? At a young age I was a soccer player, and a state swimmer. I have played basketball, football, track, cross country, golf, and disc golf. But, ultimate is my best sport.

What player is your idol/mentor/inspiration? I do not have a specific idol I can point too, but have always liked the scrappy “gruden's grinder” types. Anyone that “isn’t fast enough”, “isn’t big enough.”

What is your your superpower? Blade flick.

What is your claim to fame? My heckling skills/loud teammate pump up skills.

What teams or athletes do you follow? I am a patriots fan. I was brought up watching games with my dad who is from Boston. Julian Edelman has probably been my favorite player for them. Undersized receiver that does WORK on and off the field.

#MeetTheHustle Adam Burgess


What do you do outside of Ultimate? College student - Graduate teaching assistant at UGA in Kinesiology. I'm thinking about becoming a teacher, coach or physical therapist. 

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed. Mindhunter on Netflix was a great intellectual thriller based on a true story.

What would your walk up song be?

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? I started playing ultimate my senior year of high school at Woodward Academy in Atlanta because I had good friends on the team and it was something I picked up pretty fast. After, I played two years at Georgia College before transferring to UGA and playing 3 years there.

What other sports did you play? Baseball. Ultimate is for sure my best sport.  I’ve put in a bunch of time and effort to play this sport at a high level and I can’t imagine playing anything else. I love this game dearly.

What is your superpower? Being as the opposite of flashy. I'll be super consistent and play tight defense.

What is your claim to fame or favorite memory? Favorite moment has to be stomping on Umass at 2016 College Nationals in pool play to win our pool.

What sports teams or athletes do you follow? I prefer college sports, but since part of my family is from New Orleans I gotta go with the Saints. Favorite athlete to watch might be Kawhi Leonard - dude is a great defensive player and fun to watch in an offensive dominated league 


#MeetTheHustle - Player Pierce


What do you do outside of Ultimate? I work at Coyote Logistics Carrier Sales. I connect trucking companies to large commercial customers around the USA.

Name a recent book, movie, tv show or video game you enjoyed. I've been on "Crazy, Stupid, Love" kick lately. I've watched it at least 5 times in the past month.

What would you choose as your "walk up" song? 

How/why did you start playing ultimate? I started playing ultimate when I was walking home from Baseball practice and saw my friends playing and I joined in on their practice. The next spring I chose not to play baseball and started playing Ultimate for Red Bank High School.

What other sports did you play? I played a little bit of everything growing up. I played Baseball in high school until my senior year and I played golf competitively starting at age 9. I played on a golf scholarship my freshman year of college. It's a tie between baseball and golf for my best sport, depends which I'm spending more time on at the moment

What is your idol/mentor/inspiration? I'm a huge Muhammad Ali fan mainly because of this quote, "I hated every minute of training, but I said, "Dont quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion"

What is your superpower? Flick pulls

Who are your favorite sports team or athletes? I don't follow other sports very often. I like watching Russell Westbrook because he just gets me super hype. I mostly just keep up with Ultimate teams and Athletes. Nethercutt is the man and I really look forward to every time I get to play him, but I can honestly say my favorite athlete is Anna Thompson from Philly AMP. Rewatching the mixed club final from this past year I think shes the best player on the field at any given time.

Do you have a favorite bad joke? A horse walks into a bar, takes a seat and says... Hay.


#MeetTheHustle - Andrell Caldwell

What do you do outside of ultimate? I am a small business owner. Palmetto Maintenance, Inc. We do work for theaters throughout the NC, SC, GA area.

Name a recent book, movie, tv show, or video game you enjoyed Thor Ragnorok

What would you choose as your "walk-up" song?

How/why did you start playing Ultimate? Learned in Boy Scouts. I wanted to play for the USC Gamecocks.
What other sports do you play? Football from 7-12th grade.  No bragging possible. Ultimate is 100% my best sport.  Whenever my ultimate career is over, I plan on getting ridiculously good at tennis.  Like Roger Federer good at tennis!

What player is your idol/mentor/inspiration? Nick Lance because he is the goat.  And why not idolize the goat?
What is your claim to fame? It is a cloudy Sunday morning in Axton, Va.  South Carolina has a game against Virginia Tech at regionals.  Winner advances, loser goes home.  Tech just barely missing out on earning another bid for the region feels primed to take the second spot to nationals from one of the two powerhouse teams, Wilmington and Darkside.    I helped the Gamecocks mount a 5 goal comeback to win 15-14 solidifying the best finish in club history.

Who are your favorite sports teams or athletes? Roger Federer. Kobe Bryant because he'd rather go 0-30 than 0-9.  David Luiz because he may be a defender, but he knows he can score with the best of them.  And lastly, Bill Belichick because I would name a football player but he is the best thing football has ever seen in both coaching and evaluating.

AUDL South Week 2 Preview

Atlanta at Tampa Bay


As is tradition, the Hustle hit the road to start the season. We head down south to St. Petersburg to meet the newly relocated and remodeled Tampa Bay Cannons. The Cannons (0-1) fell last week to the Flyers in Raleigh by 5 goals but several of their players had huge nights.

Nathan Vickroy had 7A & 3G, 2017 MVP Finalist Bobby Ley had 5A & 1G, Tanner Repasky had 4G, and rookie John Taylor scored 7G. The Cannons defense only mustered 5 blocks in the game but managed 4 breaks. This week the Cannons expect back ace cutter Jordan Huston and handler Tyler Kunsa.

Traditionally the Hustle have struggled to match up with Cannons on the road but this year feels like a new chapter in the rivalry. Both teams are under new coaches. The Hustle have added 3 players over 6'5" while the Cannons have lost Mischa Freystaetter, Travis Catron, Jakeem Polk and Chris LaRoque. 

Coach Knowles is expected to double down on the Hustle's past defensive approach by using some zone sets and a variety of forces to encourage risky throws. This approach could prove effective in St. Pete/Tampa Bay where an ocean breeze is common. It also enables the Hustle to get better offensive players in on defensive points to capitalize on break chances.

Gametime is Saturday at 630pm. The game is not expected to be streamed so follow us on twitter @atlhustlelive. Forecast: 80F and possible thunderstorms


Dallas at Raleigh  #DALvRAL

Flexed into the AUDL Game of the Week slot on www.watchstadium.com due to pending bad weather in DC on Saturday.

Week 2 GOTW Facebook cover.jpg

The Flyers went into week 1 as a title contender. They had a good performance against the Cannons that cemented the preseason hype. They now get to host the Roughnecks in a rematch from last year's South Championship. Will the Flyers seize control of the division with a win? Will the Roughnecks still claim the South as their territory?

Austin Sol and Nashville NightWatch are off this week